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Hello and welcome to Aurora Novi Saeculi!
Feel free to apply to our guild and one of our guild officers will get too you ASAP! We are a PVE focused guild out of a Molten-wow server that has the leadership and 
determination to advance in current and upcoming raiding encounters! thanks for showing interest in ANS and hope to see you in our guild! Please take the time to fill out the guild application on the top of the website. if any questions arrise. please send me a guildportal email or send me a ingame message on Graymane!

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morielm2201, Jan 24, 12 12:28 AM.
-Be Respectful
Don't use sexist/racist slurs
Don't take advantage of players
Treat guild members the same, regardless of there rank or age.
-Be Helpful
Try to help guild members with your free time. going that extra mile will create a great guild environment and who knows, maybe you will need there help one day. 
-Be Active
When I say "be active" I don't mean to be logged on and avoid real life, (real life should come before this game in any way). But to be active when your IN GAME! talk, partake in raids, and have fun with what the guild has to offer!

We currently have a Ventrilo server available. I strongly encurage all guild members to partake in the conversation. Ventrilo will be a requierment for raids! Please join in and get to know your guild mates and officers! look forward to talking with you all. 
Thank Gamaden for the use of vent!

first and for-most promotions will not be rewarded over night. but the best way for you; as a guild member, to get promoted is to work on recruitment, show enthusiasm, donate to the guild bank, and to follow the rules.

Loot System?
as of now, I do not plan to implement a loot system. we will be using the standard Need before Greed /roll. In the future if the officers and I find that it will be better for the guild to have a loot system the EPGP will be used. governed by the raid leader at the time. If an officer or a guild raid leader steals from the raid (Ninja) he will be demoted, kicked from the guild, and will never be able to join the guild again. I will not tolerate this behavior.


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